Is there wind in your company’s sails?

The renewable energy sector holds great potential for shippers who can provide the specialised tonnage that is required to transport outsize components. Turbine foundation manufacturers and utility companies need access to shipping in order to deliver hardware to wind farm sites. Still, unfamiliarity with each other’s business, long and complex tender processes and the market’s relative newness often stand in the way of profitable collaboration.

Our extensive network on both the supply and the demand side, our global reach and our knack for creative problem-solving can help you bridge the gap. We will get you through to the right decision-makers, help maximise your fleet utilization and broker pioneering deals that can facilitate hardware transport across continents to exciting new markets.

We are happy to be as involved as you like and can assist at all stages of a project from the initial tender to wind farm maintenance.

Building on our experience in both break-bulk and renewables, we have expanded our services to include help with broader maritime engineering and subsea projects. Our specialised tonnage brokers can help you with innovative conversion solutions, sourcing of suitable vessels, and crucial market insights into projects in Europe and APAC.