Heavy-lift Heavyweights in heavy-lift brokering

For most companies, transporting heavy cargo – especially cargo requiring a semi-submersible vessel – is more the exception than the rule. This can mean unfamiliar contracts with hidden costs, over-reliance on a single supplier who might not be the most cost-effective option, and the risk of alerting competitors to a new strategy via public enquiries.

Our comprehensive semi-submersible sourcing, contracting and performance monitoring services can help you avoid the risks and keep costs down.

We will give you complete visibility of all market tonnage, with detailed quote comparisons, and ensure your anonymity in the early stages of an enquiry.

We regularly broker all types of heavy-lift tonnage, from cranes and military vessels to the world’s largest jack-up rigs. Our broad experience helping customers with tendering and introducing new suppliers to customers with little experience in the segment makes sure your needs are covered all the way through.