The engine behind better decision-making

No investor gets far in the shipping business without up-to-date fleet and market intelligence and deep insight into market demands, trade patterns, shipping rates and vessel prices.

Our Research team works constantly to gather and analyse all the data that matters for ship owners, operators and investors in new and used tonnage. Then, we translate our analysis into informed assessments, forecasts, opinions and business propositions that make it easier for you to make the right decisions.

In addition to our widely read regular reports for different segments, we frequently produce individually tailored feasibility studies and other analysis to help clients develop successful strategies, identify new business opportunities and make smarter investment choices.

Maersk Broker’s Research department is widely acknowledged for superior-quality analysis and insight presentation, based on our proprietary supply and demand modelling. In addition to serving clients directly, the Research team assists the entire Maersk Broker organization with up-to-the-minute intelligence and analysis.